Design is the new Management

Design is the new Management

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Want to wield the power of design to solve real world problems with great impact? Sharpen the mind with design, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. While learning and working on live projects with the frontlines of Industry from across the planet. 

Become a Creative Leader with our curated Post Graduate programs!





Join the Post Graduate Certificate Program in Design and Innovation (PGCP)


Have a year or two of experience? Planning to take that next big step towards Creative Leadership? Join the Post Graduate Certificate Program in Design and Innovation. Emerge as a Creative Leader from Manipal Innovation and Design (MIND).

5.5 Months

17 Credits | 8 Courses

Capstone Project

Live Online Studio

Cohort 2 Starts on 23rd March 2021!

This is for you

From fresh graduates of engineering, science, commerce, management, liberal arts to working professionals, Manipal Innovation and Design (MIND) is designed for everyone.

The future will always be uncertain. Learn how to decode the shifts and develop design sense.


It’s all in the mind.


We stretch it with fresh knowledge. Flow you through an entire project. Then, prepare you to expand it with altogether new concepts in design and innovation.

Work, life, everything will change. Reboot, Restore, Reimagine. To Reshape the future. It’s all in the MIND!


MIND Leaders Live is a personal journey into the heart and mind of a creative leader. Take away insights into their unique method and make the most of the intimate interaction.


Previously on season 1 we featured a Designer in Exile, a Viral Storyteller, a Global Design Evangelist, a Creative Gamechanger, an Interaction Guru, Media Maestro, Human Experience Architect and many more!


Be inspired. Be Limitless. Join the Leaders to make your own following!


Take the Dare

Dare to take on industry driven live projects during the program. Tackle complex and real problems with the power of design. Self disrupt to unlock fresh talent and new potential. Add creatively challenging and futuristic projects to your portfolio!

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