Now is the time for Design

Now is the time for Design

Post Graduate Certificate Program in Design and Innovation (PGCP)

Our Post Graduate Certificate Program in Design and Innovation will equip you with knowledge from the front lines of design and innovation, thus leapfrogging your career prospects. With toolkits and methods for you to become a Creative Leader as opposed to those who just follow instructions. With a Capstone Project to build your portfolio for the industry.

About the Program

Get in-demand skills, frameworks, strategies, toolkits and more in design Innovation and creativity led entrepreneurship. Designed, curated and delivered by practitioners and industry experts online.

Learn to navigate a live industry project from start to end. Create new value and fresh meaning. Upskill to a successful and exciting future, faster. In just 5.5 months, emerge as a Creative Leader from Manipal Innovation and Design (MIND).

Program Highlights

Get equipped to be limitless

  • Get a foundation in design innovation and creativity led entrepreneurship (DICE).
  • 8 unique courses.
  • Take on industry driven live Capstone Project.
  • Get mentored by global industry professionals.
  • Learn the abductive approach for holistic and lateral thinking.
  • Design methods and toolkit that can be applied across projects.
  • Develop a growth oriented, problem to solution mindset
  • Engage in collaborative projects.
  • Get personalized subjective feedback on your submissions to facilitate improvement.

Get set for the industry, faster

There has been no time like before to reinvent the economy. But before talent can be put to work to do that, it will have to reinvent itself.

The PGCP program at MIND deep dives into design methods and toolkits. Empowering you as a Creative Leader to apply these to a live, industry driven, Capstone Project with purpose and greater resilience.

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    Program Design


    Your thinking with new ideas, concepts and practices.


    Through an entire project from problem
    to outcome in the second phase.


    Strategic possibilities, with emerging
    Design and Innovation concepts.

    A mind that is once stretched can never go back to its older shape!

    What you learn

    Design Innovation, Creativity-led Entrepreneurship (DICE)

    DICE defines the rise of India’s entrepreneurial economy. Integrating interdisciplinary interests and entrepreneurial mindsets to create impactful solutions for pressing human needs. With user-centered design, behavioral sciences, biophilic design, nudge economics and more to innovate and solve real-world challenges. Nurturing creativity with a hands on approach throughout the duration of the program.

    Program Overview

    PGCP is divided into 8 courses, with modules which integrate concepts, toolkits, case studies, exercises, assessments and a Capstone Project.

    Dare to work
    on a live project

    During the program, you will get to work end to end on live Capstone Projects driven by some of the biggest companies from across the globe. Designed as Dares, the projects involve application of all the concepts learnt during the 5.5 month program.


    Program Curriculum

    PDI 501 Design Sense

    Sense the future to respond with agility and imagination. Make design a natural adaptive sense. Understand and apply Spread’s original creative humanistic action framework.

    • Design research methodologies
    • The idea of empathy
    • Insight vs Observation
    • Design Sense method and metric toolkit

    PDI 502 Mapping Shifts

    Discover and articulate trends and find insights.

    • Design Research Methodologies
    • New Technologies and Impact
    • Industry X.0

    PDI 503 Culture Codes

    Understand psychology and behaviour of individuals, groups and communities. Decode their choices and cultures.

    • Decoding and Recoding Culture
    • Designing Culture
    • Memes

    PDI 504 Radical Disruption and Innovation

    Apply creative strategies and frameworks to build innovation into business, process and service innovation.

    • Understanding Innovation
    • Disruption Innovation Theory
    • Hero’s Journey

    PDI 505 Growth Horizons and Hacking

    Envisage a new horizon and a new avatar of your business.

    • Growth Hacking Strategies & Techniques
    • Strategic Business Design

    PDI 506 Idea to Prototyping

    Gain a real sense of the feasibility, viability and desirability of solutions. Ideate experiences to develop prototypes for the future.

    • Ideation
    • Prototyping Mindset and Methods

    PDI 507 Designing Ecosystems

    Use ecosystems thinking to address complex or wicked problems.

    • The Heart of Ecosystem Thinking
    • Systems Thinking Models
    • Ecosystems Thinking and Design

    PDI 508 Designing Customer Experience

    Design exceptional service culture that supports employees and delights customers.

    • Designing for Persuasion
    • Customer Experience Strategy
    • Exponential Narratives

    PDI 510 Capstone Project / Portfolio

    The Capstone Project involves application of all the concepts learnt in the modules.

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      How you benefit from this Program

      • Learn from a cutting-edge curriculum designed by industry experts.
      • Take industry driven live projects as Dares during the program.
      • Get alumni status from Manipal Global Education Services.
      • Take a strategic career leap to become a Creative Leader.

      This is for You

      The program will give knowledge from the front lines of design and innovation to those with a year or two of work experience, thus leapfrogging their prospects. With toolkits and methods for them to become Creative Leaders as opposed to those who just follow instructions. With a Capstone Project to build their portfolio.




      Sonia Manchanda

      Founding Partner, Spread Design and Innovation

      Sachendra Yadav

      Digital Experience Practice Lead at Netcracker Technology

      Rajeshwari Math

      Principal Designer and Partner, Spread Design and Innovation

      Shwetabh Verma

      Program Director, Spread Design and Innovation

      Minimum Eligibility Criteria

      If you are a graduate in any discipline, with a degree from a recognised university / institution and a minimum overall of 50% aggregate in the qualifying degree, then the PGCP program is for you.

      • Graduation degree from a recognised university / institution in any discipline
      • Minimum overall of 50% aggregate in the above qualifying degree
      • CV / Resume / Portfolio (if available)

      Get your Post Graduate Certificate from Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE)

      Upon completion of the program you will be awarded a prestigious recognition from Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE), India’s leading higher education provider.


      Program fee:

      Indian Students : INR. 88,000 (+GST)

      International Students : USD. 1550 


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        Eligibility Criteria is mentioned below

        • Graduation degree from a recognized university/institution in any discipline
        • Minimum overall of 50% aggregate in the above qualifying degree

        Behind the Program

        MIND is an initiative by Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE), which is engaged in promoting, developing and delivering higher education and related learning services and solutions. The PGCP program is a professional development program for Post Graduates and professionals with a year or two of experience.

        MIND has been designed in partnership with Spread Design and Innovation which is one of the leading holistic design strategy and intervention companies. Spread is involved in design research, services, consulting and training, and has designed the Manipal Group and its various strategic business units.

        Become a part of India’s most proactive multi-disciplinary design and innovation network

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