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This is the time for creative action. Clearly, analysis is paralysis when the only option is to think forward, to creatively pilot a future that is totally and absolutely uncertain. Staying still is a non option for leaders of nations and organisations, teams and communities.


You can and must lead with creative destruction, preservation of purpose and the creation of a far more meaningful and inspiring big picture deeply sensitive to people and planet. Profit will naturally follow. 


What does it take to lead creatively? Who do you take along? Who might they be, you be?  

A Free Mind


In this ‘deer in the headlights’ moment, a rigid or fixed mindset is a death sentence. A free mind, and not a fixed mindset is your best resource. Fresh imagination opens up limitless directions. To escape disaster and emerge sharper and smarter on the other side. Your tribe, team, temps and you need the superpower to envision and steadily navigate the next 1,000 days. Building many fragile prototypes of the ultimate flying machines – holding multiple conflicting possibilities in your mind and taking them forward with a feel, do, know approach. With an intuitive sense of what might just work and what it will take to respond and reimagine!

Talent! Check!


Skill is no longer enough! It will require serious ingenuity, strategic intent and talent to conceptualise, create, then communicate empathetically with a clearly rattled consumer and audience. Yes, you need the technologists, the Interaction designers, the media and marketing mavericks, teams and planners. You need the craft but you also need the nimble footed forward thinkers.


When you are getting ready for a sortie, on your left and on your right, do you have talent that waits to follow orders, when what you actually need is creative fighters alongside you, ready to sense and take the sharp twists and turns, and be capable of flying in formation?

The focus on roles and mission, strategy and tactics besides situational awareness is critical, as skill and acumen combined makes for agile strategic teams.

Fluency in languages and creativity, accountability and responsibility. Such that engineering meets experience. Technology falls in love with Design. Physical and Digital merge seamlessly. The Left and Right brain fire in unison in integrative minds! What it takes is to build a competent squad of strategic informants, changemakers, pathbreakers! 

Technology! Check!


Our sense of time, place and even self are being disrupted. Technology is the only thread to keep us connected to the reality that we have created, to sense the shifts in the warp and weft of time and design our creative response. 


If Technology is the medium for everything, design is the hand that shapes the message; as technology fuses completely with life and every experience – learning, healing, working, living, loving is deliberately reshaped! Technology without design is like the head and hand, working without the heart.


Technologies are increasingly more accessible, user friendly and natural and can be creatively leveraged by curious leaders – who must adopt them across applications and industries to catalyze possibilities that are innovative, inclusive and impactful.



Take off!!!


Transformation in tough times requires talent capable of understanding the raw potential of technology – leaders in the digital age also understand the value of data and feedback, they create and integrate across functions, are good communicators with a fundamentally humanistic approach. Bringing together behavioural and cultural insights, trends and technologies to create new value and meaning.


“Digital transformation is about talent, not technology.” Harvard Business Review


Pivotal transformation is not about generational change, versions of the past will no longer be salient, entirely new regenerative ideas, scenarios, prototypes and paradigms will have to be designed, built and spread.


When nations, organisations, people face Trauma, we need new Tools, Technologies and most of all Talent to Transcend limitations!


It is the right Time for the Creative Leadership program in Design and Innovation from MIND, with a Post Graduate Certificate from Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE).


Intuitively, you know that, now, more than ever before work and life have to be redesigned! Collectively, we need to innovate radically, have fresh and sensible ideas, think strategic, think long term. With the imagination of designers, the courage and tenacity of entrepreneurs. Apply a structural approach, to decode change. Design sustainable new  behaviours, cultures and growth. 


We are creating a scaffolding and a mind system so that the time at mind is the bridge for continual success. For every chosen talented student.

Creative Leadership program


Deeply engaged

Spread across 22 weekends and 8 courses. Designed as a flexible 5.5 months program, with 6 hours of live studio every week. Covering Design principles, Strategy Methods, time tested Toolkit, Methods and Innovation practices; to embed a structural approach to problem solving and ecosystems thinking.


Additionally, live online studio sessions and workshops with the sharpest minds from across sectors and geographies. Empowering you to learn and add new capabilities week on week, while you can continue to work.

Is this for you?

If you are a working professional, an entrepreneur, a fresh graduate, product/ UI/UX/ visual designer, design manager, an artist or a creatively oriented individual, if you want to be limitless with Design Innovation and Creativity, then this program is for you!

Take the Dare / Industry integration

The Creative Leaders program gives you the opportunity to work through a DARE from start to finish. Dares are industry driven challenges gleaned from industry and our advisory councils. We offer them to you as live projects.


When you take a Dare, you will learn to solve complex and real problems by catalysing the power of design. Space strategy. Ecosystem Design. Product Design. Experience Design. Design for Behaviour change.  To design, strategize, innovate and create tangible solutions for the industry and people! And while you are at it, you will add creatively challenging and futuristic projects to your portfolio!


Join a Curated Engagement Network


Our Industry and Academic Council members are Innovation leaders at the frontlines of industry, who directly contribute to the pedagogy. During the program, you get the opportunity to directly interact and engage with them and get valuable feedback on your project. In the process, you will also build up a strong global network.


Program Experience



Open up to new ideas, change and complexity and articulate new ideas – shifting futures and cultures / work and life. Abductive Thinking. A mind once stretched by new ideas cannot return to its older shape. Stretch the Limits.



Through an entire project from start to finish with skill in between. Abductive and Deductive thinking. Diverge and converge.



Expand the possibilities strategically, with Design and Innovation.

Build Tensility in tough times

Bridging Industry and Academia

Bridging Industry and Academia, the Creative Leadership program builds tenacity and tensility. Fostering curiosity and creativity. Nurturing a systems thinking approach in you. Harnessing the power of your imagination to address complex challenges and create fresh growth.



 “The optimist in me also believes that today’s younger generation is fuelled by a sense of community, trust and purpose. I believe that they will rise to the occasion and do us all proud. There are already clear signs that younger leaders are driving change and motivating and inspiring people all over the world.”

Satyaki Raghunath


Led by Creative Minds

During the Creative Leadership program, you will learn and get mentored by leading industry practitioners via live online studio sessions.  


    • Alok B. Nandi Designer in Transit
      Born in Congo. Raised in Zaïre. Based in Brussels. Managing Director Partner – Spread Design BV.  Innovation Strategist, Provocateur, Design Evangelist, Creative Entrepreneur, Educator, Speaker, Author, Former President, IxDA.
    • Sachendra Yadav Digital Experience Architect
      Innovation, Design and UX Strategist. Associate Director at Accenture. Designing product experiences with deep insights in user behavior and psychology for Fortune 500 clients across industries.
    • Sonia Manchanda Creative Gamechanger
      Creator of a Global Open Innovation Project. Designpreneur who has set up more than one Radical Design Company leading massive Business, Brand and Experience Design projects nationally and globally. Founding Partner, Spread Design and Innovation, a Firm on a sustainable Farm and Design Barn, the first ever huge and independent design incubation center. Member India Design Council (IDC) and Creative Lead, MIND.
    • Rajeshwari Math Design Catalyst
      Educator and Design Strategist with a global footprint.  25+ years of handling massive projects in education, experience and retail design from Brazil to Delhi. Principal Designer and Partner, Spread Design and Innovation. 
    • Shwetabh Verma Design Strategist
      Program Director, MIND. Design Strategist at Spread Design and Innovation. Developer, Intrapreneur. Ex Coach-Design Thinking, Business Model Design and Global Volunteer Ambassador at SAP CSR. 

This is the time for Changemakers, Pathbreakers, Visionaries. To emerge as Creative Leaders in the digital age. Be Limitless. At Manipal Innovation and Design (MIND).

Sonia Manchanda

Sonia Manchanda

Founding Partner Spread Design and Innovation.

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