Be Limitless at Manipal Innovation and Design (MIND)

Manipal Innovation and Design (MIND) is an initiative by Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE) and powered by UNext, with Post Graduate programs created by Spread Design and Innovation.

MIND is built on over 50 years of knowledge in higher education, with transformational design practice in creating strategies, brands, experiences. 

MIND benefits from the expertise of its academic and industry councils comprised of global luminaries from business, strategy, design, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. 

We believe that design, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship can make you limitless!

Co-create the Future

With Creative Leaders, Visionaries, Changemakers, Pathbreakers 
MIND aims to forge deep connections with industry, design and academia, across sectors. In the process, develop tenacity and tensility thanks to an elastic mind. To transform you into a Creative Leader, Visionary, Changemaker and Pathbreaker.

Academic Advisory Council

Our academic advisors are dynamic academic leaders from local and global geographies. They bring new shifts, create and expand new ecosystems, working on disruptive, human centric high impact projects across sectors.

Industry Advisory Council

Our industry advisors are stalwarts from India and the world, who recognise the immense potential of creativity and the urgent need to apply it to solve complex challenges through design and innovation. Taking a humanistic path to create greater value for organisations nationally and globally.

Adversity is the time for Creativity

Now more than ever before, surviving and thriving in a crisis – needs companies that are design driven and have an innovation mindset. With leadership and talent that can respond to challenges. Rebuild confidence internally and externally. To reshape the future.

Design will help reimagine business and reshape experiences. Virtually bringing alive stories, places, prototypes, experiences. Connecting and communicating in sharper, smarter and newer ways. Responding faster and frugally, to connect the dots. Make sense of the shifts meaningfully. With newer products, ecosystems and scenarios.

Take Creative Action!

From businesses to experiences, services to systems, everything is changing at a pace and scale never seen before. Presenting an urgent need for Inspired Thinkers and Actors. Who can sense future shifts, push their limits. Dare to take creative action and not just follow instructions.

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